Growing Seeds Learning Community

Portland, Oregon

Our Mission

Our mission is providing families, children and staff a learning community in which all participants develop through a spiral dance of observation, inquiry, reflection and documentation. We create an intentional environment where each participant is respected as a responsible contributing member in our community. We see the participants as co-researchers, co-learners and collaborators in the building of our community.

Our Mission

At Growing Seeds, we choose to begin and end each of our interactions with respect and joy. This is both intentional and natural for us. We use kindness, collaboration, inquiry, and reflection to foster nurturing relationships between the members of our community.


Kindness is to nurture an atmosphere or environment in which compassion and mutual understanding is highly encouraged and modeled.


Collaboration is cultivating an intentional partnership between students, families, teachers and our larger community in which we work towards a common goal.


Inquiry is encouraging and honoring the process of questioning, exploring and discovering, the acquisition of knowledge.


Reflection is revisiting our experiences to create new pathways of deeper connections and understandings.