Goal for each child's personal development

Creative and Critical Thinking Strategies

We believe knowledge is gained by inquiring about the world. This includes encouraging and honoring the process of questioning, exploring, discovering and interpreting. Children develop cognitive connections and deepen their understandings by organizing, explaining and relating their understandings to other concepts and to other's beliefs and understandings (social construction). In the process, children apply their knowledge to new situations and construct mental models of understanding. This is a continual, spiral process that prevails throughout life. A primary goal of the work at Growing Seeds is to lay this foundation for children: to learn how to learn.

Emotional Self Regulation

  • 1. Personal competence (how I handle myself, the ability to perceive, understand and express my own emotions, the ability to control emotional states).
  • 2. Social competence (how I handle relationships, recognizing emotions of others, exploring multiple points of view and how they relate to my actions, thoughts, and processes).

Social Skills

This includes the ability to listen to, negotiate, problem solve, and collaborate with others. Social skills also include being empathetic to and respecting others, their perspectives, culture and identity. Another important piece is gaining skills in self-empowerment: the ability to have power and not take power away from others, while advocating for yourself and your needs.