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Growing Seeds began in September 2004 in the basement of the founders home in North Portland, as Nature & Nurture Preschool. Shortly after opening the founder partnered with Christina Unga to form our first Growing Seeds location in the Hollywood district. This school had thirty one students daily and was located directly across the street from the Hollywood Library. It was open from June 2005 through August 2007. Growing Seeds North opened in August 2006 with seventy students. North has expanded over the years to occupy two buildings and has up to one hundred sixty students daily. In early 2007, Kyrie Eppley(previously known as Jessica Eppley-Henning) and Christina decided to separate as business partners. Christina opened a beautiful space in September 2007 called Childroots, which is located on East Burnside. In June 2009 Growing Seeds expanded to open our Irvington location. Our Irvington location has seventy two students daily. Our Irvington location has a unique partnership with G-Diapers, a local company that provides a cloth diapers world wide. G-Diapers headquarters are on the second floor. We offer care and education to the families of G-Diapers young children. In August 2015, we opened a new location in SE Portland off 28th and Steele. This location is called Growing Seeds in Crystal Springs. This location will primarily serve children of Reed College faculty and staff. It has five classrooms and enrollment for 58 students.