2017-2018 Tuition Rates

Rates will increase every September based on market comparisions and published by June 1st of each year.

Infant, toddler, transition rates

  • • 2 Day $885
  • • 3 Day $1100
  • • 4 Day $1395
  • • 5 Day $1550

Preschool Rate

  • • 2 Day $700
  • • 3 Day $875
  • • 4 Day $1045
  • • 5 Day $1190

Upon enrollment we require a nonrefundable $220 deposit and your first month's tuition. Families with more than one child will receive a discount of 15% on the oldest child's tuition.

Tuition is paid in advance on the 15th day of the prior month. Any payment received after the 20th is considered late and will be charged an additional fee of $25.00 per day. If payment has not been made by the 25th a notice of default will be given and the child may lose his/her spot in the center. Delinquent accounts will be turned over to a collections company. A tuition box or envelope is located in each classroom for payments. Any parents who may need a written receipt will need to notify the directors prior to the payment.

Fees for late pick up will appear on a monthly billing statement. No discount may be applied to late fees. The center understands that unforeseen emergency circumstances may occasionally prevent a parent from picking his/her child up on time. However, parents who are habitually late inconvenience the center's staff as well as cause concern for their child. Consequently, a $10.00 fee per every ten minutes will be assessed for late pick-up. Reaching a third late fee within one year may result in the termination of service. Our program budget is based on receiving full tuition from all children enrolled. Therefore, there are no refunds due to illness, school closures, and vacations, closures due to inclement weather or power outages, holidays or staff illness. We do not refund any prepaid tuition.

There is a $40 fee for bounced checks.

There is a 60-day withdrawal notice required for all enrolled students.